About Diamonds In The Rough

Diamonds in the Rough is dedicated to impacting those going through a transitional time following various life challenges. We encourage our Diamonds to rise from the ashes like the phoenix and come to the realization that they are not victims but survivors worthy to be heard. DITR provides support through groups, direct assistance, and provision of counseling to those ready to reclaim their power.

Our goal is to equip those in need and promote courage to dust themselves off and start anew. We give our diamonds the skills and support to rise above their challenges by teaching them to dig through their pain, grow from their experience, embrace change, and understand their worth so that they can blossom into the amazing diamonds that they are! Our Vision is to help survivors feel strong, safe, powerful and heard again. No exceptions.

Our Mission Is Community Empowerment

To give life back to those affected by abuse, tragedy, and addiction by providing hope, love, and light.


Our vision is a world where victims become victors, are treated with dignity and respect; and are strengthening their families and shaping their communities.

Our Goal

To promote self-love, self-awareness, and self-growth by serving those in transitional times.




  • We provide each diamond with the support and tools they need to love themselves, define their life, choose their path and reclaim their voice.

  • To equip those DITR serves with the ability to rise above their obstacles in life, helping them reclaim the king or queen that they are.

  • To create more awareness about mental health, homelessness, abuse, child molestation, the effects of the trauma and the ripple effect it causes in children and adults when it is not addressed properly.

To impact lives globally by empowering and supporting people to achieve their destiny and purpose in life!

To partner with the government to improve assistance programs and awareness

To provide a rehabilitation Center to assist those seeking refuge, assistance, shelter, counseling, and support.

To be the platform that brings people together and gives them a place to share experiences and gain strength from one another.

To partner with schools and provide educational services regarding child abuse and predators for children, parents and formal educators alike. Discussions will range from signs of abuse to strategies for dealing with tragedy and effective therapies for those affected by abuse, Diamond in the Rough is truly dedicated to partnering with our communities locally and across the globe. 

Meet Our Diamond

DITR was founded by Uchenna Mary Udeh in 2019 based on a dream birthed in 2016. Originally from Nigeria, Uchenna moved to the United Kingdom as a teenager. After facing adversity as a young adult and going through a transitional time, Uchenna was able to reclaim her strength through the support of those close to her and her faith. Uchenna realized that she wasn’t a victim, but a survivor with a deep internal reservoir of strength. She was a Diamond in the Rough.

Uchenna realized her full purpose not in spite of what she had experienced, but because of it. She was able to begin loving herself fully, accepting of who she was, and who she wanted to become. She came to appreciate all her life challenges and tribulations and acknowledged that she is truly perfectly and intentionally made!

Looking back, Uchenna knows that without her faith and support, she may have given up. But instead, she has dedicated her life to helping others experience the power of changing their identity from victim to victor, from weak to warrior, and from unworthy to a diamond in the rough.

Uchenna’s background includes experience in the academic field and has studied psychology. Together with her own story, she is not only empathetic, but also sympathetic to those she encounters. Uchenna understands that those going through these difficult times need someone that not only listens but relates without judging. Uchenna and her team can do that for those Diamond in the Rough serves.