DITR teaches and guides people on ways to maximize their strength, recover and adjust from adversity.

Consultancy service- A tailored and bespoke lifestyle and healthy package based on individual requirements.

  • Holistic therapy- Helps find balance and harmony through mental, spiritual and physical life changes. This strategy promotes self-healing and longevity.

  • Biblical Cognitive behavioral therapy - interactive therapy that helps modify your thinking and behaviors through faith and belief in a positive manner and for positive outcomes. We provide guided methods to identify negative thinking habits and advise on alternative ways of thinking for lasting wholeness and to maintain your deliverance.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – interactive therapy that can help change negative behaviors. It teaches skills that may alleviate anxiety, depression, addiction and a variety of other problems, through counselling and psychotherapy. You learn to manage anger, help with sleep difficulties, build self-esteem and confidence. CBT therapy gives tools and techniques for addressing thoughts, feelings, beliefs and changing behaviors. You learn to identify problems and find solutions. To identify the key thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors to work on. How to tackle faulty thinking styles, challenge unhelpful beliefs and create helpful beliefs: Overall you learn how to use metaphors therapeutically as well as relaxation and mindfulness skills.