Who We Are

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by Uchenna Mary Udeh whose background in Psychology engineered a deep passion for improving and empowering lives of ALL people who have had to face adversity, and those going through a transitional phase .

We recognize the need for an alternative approach to healing and obtaining wholeness.

DITR understands the ripple effect associated with early childhood trauma that precipitates a domino effect that can last even beyond adulthood. We understand the challenges those going through a transitional time in their lives must deal with as an effect of dealing with adversities. We are also aware of  the stigma(s) associated with mental health issues, particularly those caused by trauma.

DITR is here to provide an unorthodox approach to restore healing, to equip our Diamonds with tools required to get that confidence back, resulting in an “I can do it “mentality. We provide support through counselling, holistic healing and related strategies.

Our unique services connect individuals with professionals and with other Diamonds as they take part in interactive therapy. This experience promotes healing, empowerment, support and wholeness in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We are believers of “THE WOUND IS WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES FROM”.

Why We Exist

Mental health illness, homelessness, rape, abuse, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure among individuals that sometimes leads to suicide (e.g. teenage death increase); and other societal issues are a problem in our society. Having professionals come into schools, centers, collaboration with shelters/organisations can help broaden individuals in our community our children/ young teenagers’ aspirations for the future.


Empower individuals and support them as they step into their life’s purpose; find themselves and take control of their destinies. We believe this would have a significant impact in the decrease of traumas that lead to addiction, mental illnesses, homelessness, peer pressure, bullying, gang related issues and loss of lives.


Improving the lives of individuals in our communities, young and older people’s self-esteem and assisting with finding their life’s purpose, will help to build their confidence, which leads to self-awareness, self-love and self-worth/growth.

We advocate for people between the age of 14-65 who are at the risk of exclusion due to previous life’s trauma, by providing support and life skills to get them back on track.

We aim to support people living with mental health issues; to promote a better understanding of mental health (awareness).  We address inequality and work towards eradicating the stigma associated with mental health.

We exist to empower those that have given up on life due to trauma, to show that there is life beyond trauma and abuse. To support men and women to recover from the trauma life has dealt them, rebuild their lives and find themselves despite the trauma.

Neuroscientist, psychologists and Holistic therapists have found that self-regulation strategies are linked to better outcomes in life such as pursuing further education, maintaining a job, having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding crime. Our services help in developing vital cognitive abilities as well as sustainable healing and wholeness.